Visual Artist Uchercie Tang presents her first digital art exhibition

2 min readNov 14, 2021
Image from the Digital Exhibition

Uchercie is a multi-disciplinary artist whose practice blends photography, painting, poetry, design and avant-garde installation. She received a bachelor degree in Theatre Design from The Central Academy of Drama and is currently enrolled in Camberwell Colleges of Arts, focussing on Fine Art Practice. Uchercie is based in London and Beijing and uses art as a means of expression to alleviate depression and reflect on self-existence.

Collaborating with the innovative digital transformation art platform Digitart, Uchercie presents her unique photographic work.

Her Digital exhibition, ‘Solitude Fantasy’ — a balance between reality and imagination

The covid-19 pandemic affected people’s perceptions of life in multiple ways, by drastically reshaping their relation to the public and private space, especially during curfew. Consequently, images that could only be seen as parts of a fantasy plot in the past, now became fractions of the quotidian, suggesting that there is just a vague line separating the real from the fictional.

Aiming to re-approach ensuing feelings of loneliness and absence through a futuristic prism, visual artist Uchercie Tang creates ambiguous space/non-space timeless environments, where people seem to be either in limbo or in pause while anticipating in silence for something to change. The subjects appear to be still and isolated, forming connections with neither the photographer nor the viewer, but rather acting as if no one is watching in a dream-like universe. In other instances, the pictures only capture traces of human existence, resembling still life paintings, post-apocalyptic scenes, or glimpses of someone’s quarantine. By juxtaposing in a single frame several possible scenarios, while presenting slices of time environments that feel both isolated and penetrable, the artist is proposing a heterotopic world of possibilities, probabilities and actualities.

Through the imagery of cold and warm colour palettes and light forms, Uchercie is looking to grasp solitude as a constant state, which can be an inherent aspect of both contemporary society as we know it and its heterotopic version. Such portrayal of humanity in a simultaneously fragile and elusive world evokes feelings of empathy based on recent real-life experiences, but at the same time provokes an eager desire for all that to have remained a fantasy.

To enjoy the virtual tour, please visit this link

Portrait of the artist, Uchercie Tang




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